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In a small hamlet named Amigny, Jean-Claude and his son Antoine farm 25 acres. Their land is partly made of “terres blanches” vineyards located closer to the village of Bue and partly of “Caillotes” parcels closer to Verdigny. The terroir of the fifteen villages that make up the area of Sancerre is particularly unique in that the soil varies, so the wine flavors are slightly different. For instance there is: Flint, which allows wines to taste like chewing on rocks. Gravel, which makes more lemony, apple-like wine. Chalk, which makes heavier floral, grapefruit-like wine. Limestone and clay, which makes very high quality, rich, full more herbal wines (like fresh thyme or tarragon) that still taste a little like drinking from a waterfall. For years the winery did not bottle much wines but mainly sold their grapes to more famous surrounding wineries. Antoine who shows a clear talent for winemaking decided in 2016 to bottle cuvees from his best parcels of Amigny’s “Caillotes” which produces very floral wines with cuvees from the “terres blanches” vineyards that bring structure and fuller body. The result is a very complete, floral and full-bodied wine with a zest of mineral component.

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