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Amarula is a cream liqueur from South Africa made from the fruit of the Marula tree. The Marula tree only only grows in the warm, frost-free regions of subequatorial Africa, and is a sacred part of ancient African culture and ritual. It also plays an important role in nourishment for animals, sometimes nicknamed ”The Elephant Tree” because elephants will travel for miles to feast on its wild fruit. Like elephants, Marula trees are protected under South African law. Once each year, at the height of summer, the Marula trees bear their unique fruit. When the ripe, sweet scent fills the air, harvest begins. Members of local communities are an integral part of the process, carefully picking the fruit by hand and extracting the highly sought-after pulp. To make Amarula cream liqueur, the fruit is fermented and double-distilled, then matured for two years in French oak casks before it’s blended with fresh cream and bottled.

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