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The Best Moscato Should Always Be Under $18!

February 15, 2019

The Best Moscato Should Always Be Under $18!

The Best Moscato Should Always Be Under $18!

Almost daily we are asked “where’s your Moscato section?” or “what’s your best selling Moscato?” We finally decided it’s time to put together a blog with answers to our customer’s most asked Moscato questions. Whether sipped as an aperitif or dessert wine, mixed into cocktails for fizz, poached with fruit, or paired with fiery cuisine, Moscato is much more versatile and complex than most would realize.

We find some of our customers look to Moscato as an introduction to white wine because of it’s sweet nature. BUT it’s also an overlooked gem for the foodie looking for a great companion for spicy food (think Thai, Szechuan, Korean), as the sweet from the wine tames the heat in the food.

Moscato wine is produced from the Muscat grapes, a family of grapes with origins in ancient Greece & Italy. This grape is sweet, has medium to low-acidity and is now produced all over the world. Each variety of Moscato has distinctive characteristics and for this reason, wineries produce various types of Moscato wines that are differ greatly.

Here are our top Moscato picks:

Easily identified by its thin, blue glass bottle, Bartenura Moscato has claimed the palates of many, from novice wine drinkers to big-time celebrities. Bonus: The wine is kosher.

Piazzo Comm Armando Moscato D'Asti 2017 has intense fruit aromas along with a creamy peach mouthfeel. A great aperitivo or dessert drink but would pair very well with spicy Thai food.

Cantina Gabriele Moscato offers a Gorgeous nose of wild flowers, tropical fruits, kiwis & pineapples. Full bodied, buttery and smooth, with medium acidity. Sweet on the palate with pineapples, pears, red apples, minerals and white pepper. A nice sweet white wine to pair with dessert, or drink by itself as a dessert. It’s even kosher and vegan!

Vietti Cascinetta’s Moscato vines are situated in the renowned growing area of Castiglione Tinella. Prestige and antiquity collide at Vietti; their Moscato vines are 40 years old! Great bottle for the money.

Nivole, meaning clouds in the local Piemotese dialect, is exactly what we feel like we’re on when sipping on this sweet stuff. Michele Chiarlo’s fruit comes from the sloping hills surrounding Canelli. This is our best selling Moscato that comes in a 375ML format (1/2 bottle of wine). Serve chilled with Italian cookies for ultimate enjoyment!

Barefoot Moscato is a delightfully sweet wine with lush fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across juicy peach and ripe apricots. A bright, crisp finish dances in at the end. This white wine is a bit sweeter than Riesling and the most inexpensive of our Moscatos. 

Easiest parings for Moscato: 

Spicy Food When served chilled, sweet white wines with low alcohol are a great match with hot and spicy food.
Salty Food Sweet white wines combine with salty foods to produce a highly desirable sweet-salty effect.
Sour Food Sweet white wines with high acidity (such as Riesling) can handle sour vinegar-based sauces.
Light Meats Sweet white wines have light-to-medium intensity, so match them with light-to-medium intensity meats/tofu.
Sweet Sauces Asian sauces with sugar, tamarind or honey match well with sweet white wines.
No Chocolate Look for desserts with caramel, butterscotch, fruit, vanilla or coconut to match with sweet white wines.

Pizza!  But imagine a pie topped with a basil-packed pesto and creamy burrata cheese instead of the standard mozzarella, and suddenly the clean, stone fruit-based flavors and crisp acidity in this wine become completely appropriate -- and, better yet, utterly delish.