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November 05, 2018


You know who knows best which bottles to buy? The people who sell it—that’s who. We have tried and sold dozens of bottles and think these are some of the best for under $50.

1: EAGLE RARE ($39) Find us a 10 year aged bourbon of this quality for this kind of money (can't)!

2: ELIJAH CRAIG SMALL BATCH ($34) Just a great bottle for the money.

3: EVAN WILLIAMS SINGLE BARREL ($38) One of the best bottles to drink neat or mix in a Manhattan.

4: FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARREL ($49) Big flavor, great price. We even have it in 50ML bottles.

5: FOUR ROSES YELLOW LABEL (ORIGINAL) ($20) This bottle is a great intro to bourbon. It's a classic bourbon that's great neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.

6: I.W. HARPER ($30) Under the radar but great for the money!

7: JIM BEAM BLACK ($30) Extra aged, higher proof, another great bottle for the money.

8: J.W. DANT ($24) This great bourbon comes in a 1L bottle. You can't find another bourbon at this size for the money.

9: MICHTER'S BOURBON ($45) Classic, consistent and once in a while tough to get. 

10: OLD GRAND-DAD BONDED ($25) One of the best bourbons for craft cocktails. 

11: RUSSELL'S RESERVE 10 YEAR ($40) Works perfect on its own to sip but mixes well in a cocktail too.

12: WILD TURKEY 101 ($25) Legendary bourbon that's always been affordable. Lots of bite but drinks easier than a 101 proof whiskey.

Give any or all a try and let us know which one(s) are your favorites! Share a cocktail you put them in as well.