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Our Five Favorite Bourbon This Fall

November 17, 2019

Our Five Favorite Bourbon This Fall

As more small-batch and single-barrel productions are surging state and nationwide we get asked everyday what our favorite bourbon is. Unfortunately sometimes it's tough to pick just one favorite.  After surveying our brick & mortar whiskey sections we put together these five easy picks for Fall.

KOVAL mixes things up for its Single Barrel Bourbon. This bourbon whiskey is an organic, small batch, and unfiltered bourbon from Chicago, Illinois and is the distillery's original blend. Blended with corn and millet and aged in American Oak barrels. The unique grain combination creates a full and flavorful blend. Smooth and peppery with notes of mango chutney, vanilla and a hint of tobacco. Price: $49.99


Some credit Elijah Craig as the first person to mature bourbon in charred oak barrels, calling him “The Father of Bourbon” whiskey. This small-batch bourbon was hand picked by our staff and is exclusive to Our stores. Bottled at 94 proof, this Private Barrel received a minimum of 4 years aging, giving it a spicy, fruity and nutty complexity. Exceptional value at only $33.99.

I.W. Harper Straight Bourbon Whiskey

I.W. Harper was one of just 10 distilleries granted permission to make medicinal bourbon during Prohibition. Despite surviving that difficult period, the distillery fell out of popularity in the ‘90s and ceased operations for two decades. It’s back now, and we’re thankful because this bottle is one of our favorite sweet, corn-rich bourbons. It’s full of buttery, cookie dough notes, with shortbread, nutmeg, and crisp orchard fruit. The oaky finish is well balanced and lasting. Price: $34.99



Knob Creek takes its name from the small water source that allegedly ran through President Abraham Lincoln’s family farm. With notes of toasted cashew nuts, hay, and used oak, Knob Creek has plenty for the experienced palate to appreciate, but it’s balanced and smooth enough for even the newest bourbon drinker to enjoy. Price: $39.99

This Colorado company is home to the world’s highest-altitude distillery. Not all of the bourbon that goes into this bottling is distilled at altitude, though; Breckenridge also sources whiskey for this blend from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana distilleries. The result is a toasty, nutty bourbon with pronounced banana and sesame notes. Price: $48.99